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vitero stands for virtual team room and is a software for conducting effective virtual meetings and training sessions – ergonomically, humanly and with an inspiring atmosphere that comes close to reality. The areas of application can be found in e-collaboration, live e-learning, language learning as well as in web conferencing, e-health, and more.

Screenshot1: Ergonomic, human, inspiring - the user interface of the virtual team room.

Customised solutions

Our product range has a modular structure and can be individually adapted to your liking. This gives you the freedom to choose exactly the functions you need. In a detailed consultation meeting we will find a tailor-made solution that fits your requirements. For example, we combine the basic module vitero inspire+ (prepared for expansion modules) with the modules event manager and monitoring to provide a complete solution for the organisation of trainings. The basic module vitero inspire is our cheapest option - with basic functions for e.g. micro enterprises or sole proprietors.

  • vitero inspire
  • vitero inspire+
  • Expansion modules
  • Further information

vitero inspire includes:

  • Virtual room for 6, 10, 16, 26, 46 or 80 participants (incl. moderator)
  • Screen sharing
  • Referencing on the presentation area, in the room and on the functions of the participants
  • Audio communication via VoIP with various moderation options
  • Share a link
  • Participation via user account or session code
  • Up to 12 webcam livestreams
  • Waiting room incl. message function and optional password protection
  • File upload during the meeting

Further information

vitero inspire+ includes:

  • All features in vitero inspire
  • Role-based overlayboard for anonymous and personalised card queries
  • Dots query (20 differently illustrated adhesive dots)
  • Multiple choice queries
  • Virtual side rooms including room messages
  • Co-moderator role
  • Optional telephone dial-in (additional costs arise when used)
  • Expansion modules availabe
  • Chats and forum
  • Audio player
  • Video player
  • File exchange in the room
  • Five designs for every room

Further information

Additional licensing options for vitero inspire+:

vitero monitoring

Registration of attendance and the occupancy rate of the system (depending on the license model). Automatic registration of "Credit Points" available as an additional function. [more]

vitero event manager

Supports the planning and organisation of virtual events such as webinars. The event registration can be easily done via a web form. [more]

vitero session recorder

Tool for audiovisual recording of sessions with auto-cut function. Simple post-production due to the standard format mp4. [more]

vitero audience

Expansion to 200 viewers (more on request). Spectators are not represented by a photo avatar. Feedback option via forums and multiple choice queries. [more]

vitero custom design

The virtual team room in your own design: Customisation of the background including the possibility to place your own company logo. [more]

Ergonomic user interface

The patented surface of the virtual team room with avatars, gestures and interactions is the result of over 10 years of Fraunhofer research. It enables you and your participants to get started easily and is intuitive to use. Therefore, the surface of the virtual team room is almost identical in every format – whether you are viewing it on a desktop computer with a 4K monitor, on a tablet or on a smartphone.However, vitero inspire was designed for more than just the exchange of information. From the beginning, a human, inspiring atmosphere in a virtual space was just as important as sophisticated methodical-didactic tools. With vitero inspire, rooms become virtual environments for shared experiences.

Technologie, ready for the future

In order to guarantee the maximum degree of flexibility, interaction and availability for you, vitero inspire builds on the latest technology: The standards HTML5 and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) form the stable foundation. The broad support of these web technologies – on practically all modern end devices and operating systems– not only enables an increase in performance, but also more flexible access options. Regardless of whether as a download, directly in the browser or on a touch screen: with just a few clicks you can access the virtual team room – quickly ready for virtual collaboration.

1The graphic is an illustration that does not represent an assurance of properties.

2An undisturbed desktop workstation is still the best setting for live online communication. But with the uniform interface of vitero inspire there are more flexible possibilities for virtual collaboration in everyday work life.

3You can find our complete system requirements at:

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Sigrid Baumann-Tornow:

‘With vitero we use a great virtual classroom that allows for methodically and didactically high-quality live trainings via the Internet.’

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eLearning AWARD 2021: Awards for AUDI AG and vitero GmbH

"Leading in the crisis and afterwards" – AUDI AG and vitero GmbH were awarded for this project in the category "Synchronous Learning".

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One year remote working with vitero

Thanks to the virtual team room, meetings also succeed when working from home. But what can you do to improve the team spirit? Find out what we have learned for our everyday work.

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Awarded for "Distance and Remote Learning"

vitero has been recently honoured as one of the leading providers in Europe by the US magazine Education Technology Insights.

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Patented in the USA: Inspiring virtual environments

Whether in a circle of chairs or during a walk in the woods – in the future, the virtual environments in vitero inspire will encourage creativity and innovative capabilities of users.

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