Outstanding features

Numerous functions and features that are important for an effective, stress-free, reliable and safe live session are not standard - but at vitero, thanks to Fraunhofer research and over 15 years of experience, these are included naturally. Feel free to compare!

Verbal communication


Allocation of speaking rights by passing on a microphone object.

MultiAudio Channels

Each participant possesses an own speech channel so that everyone can speak at the same time if necessary.

controlRemote AudioControl

The audio settings of an individual participant can be made not only by the respective participant himself, but also by the moderator.2

TokenBased Moderation

Independent passing on of the microphone from participant to participant.


Telephone dial-in with encrypted transmission of a personalised dial-in code.


Chat post displayed as a text bubble next to the author's avatar in order to enable an assignment.


Table Metaphor

Setup of the virtual team room as a table with chairs and a presentation area in the middle.


"What You See Is What I See" principle: the same image is shown on the screens to all those present or the same actions are displayed.


Change of the participant's role is also possible by the participant himself.


"I'll be right back" status: To visualise short absences and avoid unintentional eavesdropping by cutting the virtual team room's audio channel.


Photo-based avatar including a name tag and status information (e. g. "absent") and gestures (e. g. "to raise one's hand").

Anywhere Referencing

Draw attention to functions using a symbol (highlighter) - even outside of the presentation area - e. g. to support participants with operating problems.

Keyboard QuickMute

Those present who are authorised to speak can briefly mute their own microphone using the keyboard (quick mute key).


Various gestures are available for everyone present, e. g. for feedback, votes and to raise one's hand.

Presentation and collaboration


Choice of two moderators per session, e. g. for the split- up into moderator and co-moderator.


The possibility of automatically awarding credit points based on the time of attendance.


Availability of virtual cards for participants and moderators for idea and decision-making as well as for obtaining, ordering and prioritising participant contributions.

Editable Session Recording

Recorder for video and sound of a virtual session with the possibility of post-production.

MultipleChoice BarChart

Realisation of anonymous multiple-choice queries with automated statistical analysis. The result is shown as a diagram including evaluation details, such as votes and abstentions.

Open NextRoom

Participants can divide themselves into groups to work in freely accessible, virtual side rooms and then discuss the results.

Corporate Café

Meet spontaneously without the need for a personal license and without having to book a room. Numerous virtual meeting rooms are available.

RoleBased OverlayBoard

Depending on the user role, the role-based overlayboard offers the possibility to use certain tools on the whiteboard.


Interactive placing of visual elements during a session, e. g. for votes or evaluations.

Seamlessness & adaptability


No extensions, plugins, add-ins or flash players are required in order to use the full range of functions.1


Web service interface for connecting third-party software, e. g. learning management systems or portals.

Software Development

Flexible software customisation and development within a very short time. From small changes to the programming of entire software modules.


Optional, automatic recording of attendance times of participants (personalised or anonymised).

Reliability & security

SaaS TÜV Certified

A TÜV certification along ISO 27001 guarantees excellent availability of servers as well as ideal data protection and security.

Servers only in Germany

Servers in Germany and a company without branches abroad create the basis for the jurisdiction of the EU-GDPR in connection with the strict Federal Data Protection Act.


Data protection by giving the participants full control over their personal data, such as a mobile phone number.

The only exception is the expansion module vitero session recorder for the computer recording.

Please note the system requirements.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Roland Bauer:

"The way the virtual room is designed and the possibilities for giving feedback allow to create a personal atmosphere and a feeling of nearness among the persons participating in a vitero session."

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Awarded with the eLearning Award 2020

The jury of the eLearning Journal has decided. The eLearning Award 2020 in the category of web seminars goes to the fischer group and vitero GmbH.

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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