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Our basic module vitero inspire covers basic functions. If you want to expand the range of functions, licensing of vitero inspire+ is recommended.

vitero inspire contains the following functions (amongst other):

Screen sharing / desktop sharing and remote access

Fast, reliable screen sharing or desktop sharing. Virtually any application that runs on one of the participants' computers can be shared. In the virtual team room, two people can even transmit windows at the same time. By transferring the remote access rights1, another participant can also edit in the application. All this happens without additional installation of plug-ins and is also possible directly in the browser without an application file. You can use familiar tools such as the referencing pointer or the card query.

Media-Display & Vitero Management System (VMS)

Media (e. g. PDF or Power Point) can be uploaded in advance or during the session. During the session, the media is displayed on the media display in the virtual team room. Furthermore, the VMS offers the possibility to assign learning content to learning groups, set up participants, book appointments and much more.

Realistic participant representation

The participants are represented with the help of a photo avatar. Status information, such as the "wish to speak" gesture, "participant speaks" sound waves or text bubbles are displayed directly on the avatar. So-called awareness elements - such as the symbol of the virtual monitor or the magnifying glass - help to understand whether everyone sees the same thing or a participant's view deviates from it. This can prevent misunderstandings in communication.

Structured audio communication via VoIP

Each participant has their own microphone channel. Moderators can pass on a virtual hand-held microphone or each participant opens their own channel (push-to-talk). Structured communication is just as possible as e.g. brainstorming, in which all participants can speak at the same time.

Gestures, emojis, text bubbles and link sharing

The participants can choose from four hand gestures (report, applause, agree, decline) and nine emojis for feedback, liveliness and spontaneity. A participant's text chat message is displayed directly on the respective avatar for ergonomic reasons, but can also be called up in a classic, line-based form. A clickable link can be shared via one's own text bubble input field.

Moderation case

The moderation case bundles all content, materials and tools of the moderator (or trainer or therapist). The moderator uses this e.g. to access his presentation, hand out his multiple choice question or to access the laser pointer.

Private & group chats

Send messages conveniently directly in the virtual team room - privately or to a group, in the same room or across breakout rooms. Group leaders can activate this function in the menu. This way they keep control over who and when can start conversations.

Flexible role concept

The participants decide for themselves which virtual chair they want to sit on. The place defines the role, as in face-to-face training and face-to-face meetings. People in the moderator positions can present content and take over the moderation. People in the remaining seats are participants. With a click or by drag & drop, the seat and thus the role can be changed. It couldn't be easier.

Survey (multiple choice query)

With just a few clicks, multiple choice queries can be created before or during the session. The results are evaluated automatically and can be displayed on a column, cake or donut diagram. In order to increase the dramaturgy of the presentation of the results, the column sorting can be changed and the labeling can be displayed later.

Webcam live streams in various forms

Use webcams in different arrangements and sizes on the virtual table - parallel to the presentation or screen sharing. Simply distribute the webcam token to yourself or to your participants. Currently, up to two webcams are possible.

Update Avatar

Use your webcam to take a current picture for your avatar during the session. If necessary, you can also adjust your first and last name in the new settings menu, which is used for your name badge within the virtual space.

Display Logo

Client administrators can easily change the logo in the virtual team room. One solely needs to upload one's own logo in the "Configuration" area of ​​the Vitero Management System.

Highlighter & audio remote control

Getting started with vitero is particularly easy for participants: thanks to a highlighter, objects can be referenced in virtual space in order to explain functions for everyone. On the presentation area, a reference pointer - which can be changed in shape, colour and direction - serves as visual support. If the audio settings of a participant need to be changed, the moderator can adjust the microphone level and the listening volume of the user by remote control.1

Flexibility in setting up the room

As the organiser, you can decide how many rows of chairs are displayed in vitero and whether quick access to screen sharing or the webcam should be possible. The settings for this can be found directly in the virtual room in the settings menu, so that you can easily implement changes.

Light switch

You can adjust the brightness of the virtual room. Both are possible: room lighting for attentive collaboration or a dimmed room for concentrated viewing of the presentation.

1Please note the system requirements.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Matthias Korth:

"The exchange of experiences among voluntary aides from all over Germany and the option to participate within familiar surroundings are another success factor."

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Awarded with the eLearning Award 2020

The jury of the eLearning Journal has decided. The eLearning Award 2020 in the category of web seminars goes to the fischer group and vitero GmbH.

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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