vitero inspire+

The basic module vitero inspire+ encompasses the entire range of functions of vitero inspire plus further features, which are described below. vitero inspire+ can be combined with our expansion modules.

Additional features of vitero inspire+

The following functions are included in vitero inspire+ in addition to the vitero inspire functions:

Card query / pin board method

The card query can be carried out personalised or anonymously. The query can be "open" or "hidden". With the "open" version, the participants can immediately put their cards on the virtual table while cards are being written. In the "hidden" card query, on the other hand, all the filled out cards are collected and then distributed step by step via the moderator on the virtual table. Each participant has the opportunity to determine the colour and shape (rounded / angular) of the cards.


The classic purpose of stickers is to query points, e. g. after a card query. As with real stickers, these can be placed anywhere on the presentation surface. Personalised or anonymous dot queries are possible. There are 20 differently designed adhesive dots to choose from, which can be issued infinitely or in a certain number. The illustrations can also be used to e.g. highlight areas of a slide visually during a lecture.

Survey (multiple choice query)

With just a few clicks, multiple choice queries can be created before or during the session. The results are evaluated automatically and can be displayed on a column, cake or donut diagram. In order to increase the dramaturgy of the presentation of the results, the column sorting can be changed and the labeling can be displayed later.

Co-moderator chair

In addition to the moderator position and the participant positions, vitero inspire+ offers the role of a co-moderator with the same rights. The participant chair on the left next to the moderator then becomes the co-moderation chair. For example, the co-moderator can provide technical support, bundle participant's feedback or keep a log for everyone visible via screen sharing. The function is also ideal for classic double moderation or if participants are to present their work results.

Virtual side rooms

Thanks to virtual side rooms, subgroups can be formed quickly and spontaneously. This makes work in small groups possible. An adjoining room has the same functionalities as the main room and is acoustically decoupled. The participants can switch between the rooms independently. This also makes complex creativity techniques such as the 6-3-5 method possible.

Message to all side rooms

Simply send short messages such as "5 more minutes" to all participants in the side rooms. The message is displayed prominently as an overlay and must be confirmed. Thus, you can be sure that it will be read. 

Room message

Really useful: Small groups in the side rooms can communicate their status via four different icons. Especially good for many groups: As a group leader, you can maintain an overview of which side room needs help or who is already finished. 


As a group leader you can create topics and e. g. obtain text-based feedback similar to a card query - anonymously or personalised, open or hidden. This is especially helpful for a large number of participants.

Five designs for every room

Change the room with one click? In addition to the blue standard design, four other options are available for a spontaneous redesign of the room: silver, dark, meadow and wood parquet.

File exchange in the room

Exchange files directly among each other in the room. Provide your participants with materials or allow the exchange of documents in the group. Highly practical for exams: Participants can also send their results "hidden" only to the moderators or trainers.

Optional participation via phone

As an alternative to the VoIP integrated in vitero, participation by telephone is also possible. A dial-in assistant is displayed in the virtual team room, which is used to set up a conference call. Telephone participants can either dial-in (the subscriber calls) or dial-out (the subscriber is called from the room). The conference call is protected by a user-specific PIN and a session code, both of which are transmitted in a highly encrypted format.

Video player

And… action! Show videos directly on the table in the virtual room. The video is played synchronously for all participants. You decide when the video is stopped or paused, which part is played and how loud it can be heard.

Audio player

Whether as background music until everyone is present, for special moments and events or as a tool for language teaching: With the audio player (including loop function), you can play MP3 audio files synchronously and use them in a targeted manner. In addition, you can adjust the volume of the audio file centrally for everyone and control a defined point.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Matthias Korth:

"The exchange of experiences among voluntary aides from all over Germany and the option to participate within familiar surroundings are another success factor."

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eLearning AWARD 2021: Awards for AUDI AG and vitero GmbH

"Leading in the crisis and afterwards" – AUDI AG and vitero GmbH were awarded for this project in the category "Synchronous Learning".

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One year remote working with vitero

Thanks to the virtual team room, meetings also succeed when working from home. But what can you do to improve the team spirit? Find out what we have learned for our everyday work.

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Awarded for "Distance and Remote Learning"

vitero has been recently honoured as one of the leading providers in Europe by the US magazine Education Technology Insights.

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Patented in the USA: Inspiring virtual environments

Whether in a circle of chairs or during a walk in the woods – in the future, the virtual environments in vitero inspire will encourage creativity and innovative capabilities of users.

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