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The new generation of the virtual team room unites state-of-the-art technology and inspiring ideas

A patented user interface, intuitive handling and a personal atmosphere with avatars, gestures & interactions: the virtual team room was created with more than just the mere exchange of information in mind. Right from the start sophisticated methodical-didactical tools were just as important as the personal, inspiring atmosphere in the virtual room. The new generation of our virtual collaboration software continues this idea: vitero essentials turned passive webinars into vivid rooms. With vitero inspire rooms become virtual places for shared experiences.

vitero inspire used on a tablet in a car.
A car is certainly not the perfect setting for live online-communication. With vitero inspire and a stable internet connection you’ll stay connected, nevertheless.

A peak behind the curtain

The conceptual goal of vitero’s next generation was clear: The years of experience with virtual classrooms, the established results of Fraunhofer research and the special atmosphere should not only be preserved but refined even further – more flexibility, more performance, more freedom for users and settings. Even the last boundaries, the virtual “walls” of the room, should fall to make room – for personal human interaction, for shared experiences and for a perfect environment suited for the learning content, the event or the meeting agenda.

Web technology as the key

To ensure a maximum degree of flexibility, interaction and availability vitero inspire is built on state-of-the-art technology: The standards HTML5 and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) make for a solid foundation. The wide support of these web technologies – on almost every modern device and operating system – allows for a better performance and even more flexible ways of access. Whether as download or directly in the browser: You can join the virtual team room, as always, with a few clicks - ready for virtual collaboration in just a second.

A single interface

From desktop PC with a 4k screen to a tablet or smartphone: with vitero inspire the end device doesn’t make a difference. The setup of the user interface remains the same. The new generation adjusts responsively and intelligently to the size of the screen. This way, the established WYSIWIS-principle (“What you see is what I see”) is preserved. A quiet desktop workplace is still the best setting for live online-communication, but a day of work can sometimes be unpredictable. In this case the consistent user interface of vitero inspire offers you flexible options for virtual collaboration.

Individual views

In order to support small screens vitero inspire provides the option to resize the room in predefined steps. This way the user can zoom in or out independently, for example zoom in at the table to improve legibility. If necessary, the moderator can synchronize the zoom for everyone with one click. The user can even decide whether the sidebar with additional functions, the new participant list and much more is displayed or not. In other words, each participant can arrange their individual view in vitero inspire.

Emotion & vitality

Work comfortably from home with vitero inspire.

Every smile and every twinkle of an eye is perceived and noticed in personal conversations. To transfer this into the virtual room, an independent way of interaction was developed for vitero inspire. With vivid emojis, shown directly on the avatar, participants can bring in their mood actively. Additionally, gestures are now color-coded and gently animated according to their meaning. This additional feedback channel and the improved recognizability assist the moderator to arrange his session and create an even more vivid atmosphere.

VC reimagined

With the latest version of vitero inspire the foundation for future developments and more freedom in the virtual room is laid. Prospectively, the virtual team room will offer the framework for a wide variety of virtual settings. For example, a circle of chairs without a desk, a personal one-to-one talk at a fireplace, a video-conference with flexible switch to the whiteboard, or a virtual model company as room for group exercises. Step-by-step the traditional virtual classroom is replaced with a general solution for virtual collaboration: virtual classroom (VC) is being transformed into virtual collaboration (VC).

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"The new generation of virtual collaboration: vitero inspire" lecutre of Dr. Fabian Kempf, founder and Managing Director of vitero GmbH (English subtitle available).

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Sarah Gerz:

"The various functionalities like card query or point allocation allow integrating every participant actively into the discussion."

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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Model project “Learning German in the virtual classroom“ has started

The aim is to offer live online German classes to refugees in Baden-Wuerttemberg quickly and unbureaucratically, so that the integration in the job market is accelerated.

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