vitero essentials

vitero essentials covers the basic functions of the vitero product series. It contains all necessary functions to hold an interactive and moderated session in vitero. The virtual team room is available in the following sizes:

vitero essentials [2]: 2 participants plus host or moderator
vitero essentials [4]: 4 participants plus host or moderator
vitero essentials [6]: 6 participants plus host or moderator
vitero essentials [12]: 12 participants plus moderator
vitero essentials [22]: 22 participants plus moderator
vitero essentials [40]: 40 participants plus moderator

Please note: for live sessions with more than 40 participants, the modules vitero essentials+ and vitero audience have to be combined.

Amongst others, the following functions are available with vitero essentials:

Application Sharing / Desktop Sharing and Remote Access

Fast, reliable application sharing / desktop sharing. Whether you want to share a text document, a file, a learning programme or a CAD application - almost every application which runs on a participant's computer can be shared with others. By handing over the remote control, every participant can edit the application (e.g., for software trainings).

Webcam Live Streams in Manifold Variations

In the virtual team room, webcam live streams can be used instead of or in addition to the permanent avatar picture. Additionally, several webcam live streams can be shown on the conference table.

Participants Are Represented Close to Reality


Participants are represented by so-called avatars, i.e. by portrait pictures with name tag and useful status information like the 'thumbs up'-gesture, 'participant talking' sound waves or a speech bubble. The status information is shown next to the avatar. Thus, the split-attention-effect is avoided, i.e., all information that belongs to a person is represented at his avatar and not at different areas of the screen. In this way they are faster and easier to catch and can be assigned effortlessly to the person they belong to.

Structured Audio Communication

Structured Audio Communication

Participants can talk to each other via VoIP (Voice over IP). Every participant has his own microphone channel available (the number of available microphone channels equals the number of present participants). The channels can be opened in several ways, for instance by handing over the hand microphone or by opening several channels permanently at the same time (further possibilities are: token principle and push-to-talk). Structured communication and free communication (e.g., during a brain storming) are both equally well feasible.

Gesture Bar and Speech Bubble

A gesture bar is available for spontaneous interaction. The following status information are always available for participants: 'raise hands', applaud, agree, disagree, 'be right back', 'understood', question, text bubble. In addition, a role-based private text chat (can be switched off by the moderator) is available for bilateral confidential exchange of text chat messages.

Vitero Management System (VMS) and Slide Projector

For the center of the table, slides (e.g., PowerPoint or PDFs) can be uploaded in advance. Thus, complete education material for seminar series or trainings can be generated, assigned to the single courses (vitero teams) or unlocked step by step. Among others, you can decide whether slides should be available in the virtual team room and / or after the session, if participants are greeted with a welcome slide when entering the virtual room and much more.

Role-based Multi-User Board

Comprehensive whiteboard functions like text marker, description fields and frames are available besides advanced tools like participant's arrows and participant's points for personalised and anonymous queries and much more. The multiuser board is role-based, (co-) moderators have other possibilities than participants. Moderators or hosts can, for instance, delete all inputs; participants instead can only edit their own inputs.

Flexible Role System

Changing the Seat

Participants decide for themselves on which virtual seat they sit. The seat defines the role; persons on the so-called moderator's or co-moderator's seat have the role of the moderator. They, for instance, may present slides to the other participants. Persons sitting on the other seats have the role of participants. By clicking on a seat, the role can be changed. Thus, spontaneous role changes through seat changes are possible, similar to the face-to-face situation. Another advantage is that every participant is informed about the role of other persons without having to search in menus, lists or the like.

File Sharing

Files can be sent to all or to singular participants during a session. Thus, hand-outs can be distributed easily and the protocol can be handed over to participants at the end of a session without switchting to an e-mail program. This avoids unnecessary media breaks and delays in the session flow. Moderator and team members are informed about the current status of the distributed documents through an awareness element at the avatar.

New: Polling Tool (from Version 5.6)

Multiple-choice questions can be posed during the session. After the poll, the participants' answers are automatically evaluated and the results are presented via bar chart on the presentation area. Diverse settings like, for instance, the maximum or exact number of choices or the possibility for the moderator to take part are available. The moderator can see a preview of the results.

  • Application
  • Overview of Features
  • Special Features

Among the various fields of application of vitero are... the area of information exchange and collaboration:

  • Roadshows (z.B. product presentations), project meetings
    (e.g., sales meetings), management meetings, product presentations,
    virtual professional conferences the area of (further) education:

  • Webinars, web castst, blended learning up to the virtualisation of complete
    further education courses the area of medical services:

  • Talks with patients or experts, medical prevention and follow-up care, speech therapy, group therapy the area of project management and consulting:

  • Customer care, assistance for learners or sub-contractors; project guidance; live online dispute resolution

Among the function of vitero essentials [2, 4, 6, 12, 22, 40] are …

… virtual room with patented graphic user interface

  • virtual conference table for 2 to up to 40 participants plus moderator/host, personalized avatar with picture, gestures, and awareness elements, temporary role model with seat-related, i.e. flexible, roles for (co-) moderator and participants, protocol and notestaker function, webcam live stream in different sizes, auto-reconnect: after a temporary disconnection of your internet connection vitero automatically re-establishes a connection.

… manifold possibilities for interactions and presentations

  • Audio communication via Voice-over-IP (VoIP), open text chat via speech bubble and private, role-based, bilateral text chat, virtual slide show projector, manifold moderation or participant tools, person- and group-related file sharing, multiple choice query for retrieving feedback from participants represented as bar chart (from version 5.6).

… high configurability and high adaptability

  • Application sharing with different safety levels incl. bookmarks of your favorite applications and files, single chairs can be hidden, access with or without user account possible

… many administrative and protocol functions

  • Vitero Management System (VMS) for booking rooms, creating user profiles, administering groups and presentation or files, 'snapshot' and 'screenshot' function: live streams, applications in application sharing, and interactions in the multiuser overlay board can be frozen, processed and among other things archived as jpg.
Mic Object

Assignment of speaking rights by passing on the microphone object.

Token-based Moderation

Every participant may pass the microphone to other participants.

Multi Audio Channels

No limitation of voice channels. All participants have their own voice channel to assure that – if required – all participants can speak at the same time.

Text Bubble

Open text chat contributions appear in a bubble directly next to the participants’ photo. In such a way they cannot be overlooked.

Remote Audio Control

Microphone and audio settings can be modified not only by participants, but by the moderator, too; thus relieving stress from the participants.

Role-based Privat Chat

Private text chat can be (de-) activated based on a person’s role. Participants, for instance, may not be allowed to chat while the moderators may do so.

Table Metaphor

The setting comprises of a virtual room with table, chairs and a presentation board at the table’s centre. It allows immediate orientation.


Photo or webcam images with name tag and helpful status information guarantee high transparency, e.g., when focussing on external applications.

Anywhere Referencing

Referencing not only on the presentation board, but also to functions and participants possible, e.g., in order to support participants facing handling problems.


„What You See Is What I See“-Prinzip: Allen Anwesenden wird am Bildschirm das gleiche Bild angezeigt bzw. die gleiche Veränderung wiedergegeben.

Flexible Role Change

Flexible role change possible at any time during a session, no matter if you are a participant, moderator or host.

Keyboard Quick Mute

The ‘cough button’ on your keyboard mutes your microphone temporarily – an indispensable function for presenting persons not only during the cold season.

Be Right Back

‘Be right back’ status – to avoid misunderstandings when temporarily absent and to prevent unintentional overhearing of private conversations.

Test Room

Testing room accessible for any (!) participant at any time. Useful, for instance, for technical checks and to make yourself familiar with the room.


Manifold gestures for all participants available, e.g. for feedback, polls, and status signals. Indispensable for structured, moderated sessions.


The presentation area can be ‘photographed’, for instance to capture intermediate-, polling- and work results.

Role-based Overlay Board

The overlay board can be placed over any application so you can use the text editor you are familiar with and the moderation tools at any time.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards for participants and moderators. Can be used for brainstorming and decision making as well as for fast collection, arrangement and prioritization of participants’ input.

Easy Start

No admin rights (except vitero session recorder), no plug-ins, add-ins, flash players, etc. necessary. Works with any browser and browser version.

Outlook Add-In

Invite participants directly via Outlook. The participants receive an e-mail or outlook entry, respectively, which contains a link to join the session.

High Config

High customizability concerning functionality and security means seamless adaptation to your company’s requirements.

Software Development

Flexible software adaptation and development within short periods of time, be it small changes or programming entire software modules.

SaaS TÜV Certified

TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) certification according to ISO 27001 guarantees excellent server availability, ideal data protection and data security.

Auto Reconnect

In case of low or unsteady bandwidth, or if you are disconnected temporarily, you will be automatically reconnected to your session.

Servers only in Germany

All servers are located in Germany without foreign branches, thus establishing the jurisdiction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in conjunction with the strict German Federal Data Protection Law (new).

Data Protection

High access and data protection, e.g., the content of your session is handled confidentially and participants control how their personal data are handled at all times.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Wilhelm Stock:

"Thanks to its enormous fields of application, the software's economic viability became easily apparent and was even proven during the pilot Project."

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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Model project “Learning German in the virtual classroom“ has started

The aim is to offer live online German classes to refugees in Baden-Wuerttemberg quickly and unbureaucratically, so that the integration in the job market is accelerated.

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