vitero essentials+

vitero essentials+ covers all the functions of vitero essentials and includes also the following functions. The module is available in the room sizes 2, 4, 6, 12, 22, and 40 - each room incl. moderator / host, too. 
In contrast to the basic module vitero essentials, vitero essentials+ is extendable, i.e. it can be combined with any vitero expansion modules: vitero audience, vitero session recorder, vitero examination, vitero custom design, vitero webcam recorder, vitero monitoring. The following functions are part of vitero essentials+ in addition to those already described at vitero essentials.

Optional Participation via Telephone


Participation in vitero via telephone is available in addition to or instead of communication via VoIP. A dial-in assistant is shown in the vitero conference room with which the telephone conference can be established. Participation by phone is possible via Dial In (participant calls) and Dial Out (participant is called). Participation by phone is reasonable if a headset is not available or as fall-back solution if the bandwidth is extremely low.

During the session, switching from the computer headset to the telephone (or the other way round) is possible. This is useful if the Internet connection gets worse during the session or the headset breaks. The telephone conference is protected by a user-specific PIN and a session code. The participant receives this information not until he authenticates with his vitero account. Login credentials are transferred encrypted to the participants.

Co-Moderator's Seat

Co-Moderator's Seat

In addition to the moderator's seat and the participant's seat, vitero essentials+ has another role: the co-moderator. The co-moderator sits to the left of the moderator or host and has the same rights and capabilities as the moderator. He, for instance, can technically assist the moderator or host, retrieve participants' feedback, open documents for the moderator or take the minutes for all to see via application sharing. The role of co-moderator is an indispensable function when the moderator or host focuses solely on the presentation of contents or when they are still inexperienced in handling vitero functions. Also for a classical double moderator this function is ideal or when participants should present their work results.

Card Query / Pin Board Method

In addition to open personalized cards with the text fields in vitero essentials, the hidden card query is also available. It can be conducted either anonymously or in a personalized way. The results - if required - can be viewed by the moderators first, who then decided whether the results should be published.

Video Player

Thanks to streaming technology videos (in mp4 format) can be played live and synchronously. To do so the video files are uploaded to the Vitero Management System prior to a session. While playing them the video can be commented on. The video player can be used, for instance, during product presentations when showing video clips.

Virtual Adjoining Rooms

With virtual adjoining rooms, spontaneously forming sub-groups is easy, e.g., to clarify an issue in a smaller group or for working in small groups. An adjoining room has the same functionalities as a main room and is acoustically detached. The participants can freely switch between (adjoining) rooms. In this way, even creativity methods à la 6-3-5 method are possible in the virtual room. Via a virtual megaphone all participants can be summoned by the moderator.

  • Application
  • Overview of Features
  • Special Features

All fields of application known from vitero essentials and other even more interactive scenarios are possible: 

Session focussing on creativity

  • Online creativity workshops with card queries
  • Structured online brainstorming

Forming smaller groups

  • Group therapy, symposia and live seminar with groupwork units
  • Management meetings having agreements in smaller sub-groups

Sessions with enhanced use of moderation and media

  • Product presentations with video clips
  • Online sessions with co-moderation and minute taker

All the features and advantages of vitero essentials and further function, such as

Participation via Telephone

  • In addition to or instead of participation via VoIP
  • Spontaneous switching between phone and VoIP possible
  • High data security due to user-specific PIN and access code

Virtual Adjoining Rooms

  • For forming sub-groups during an on-going session
  • Each virtual adjoining room has the same funtionalities¹ as the vitero main room
  • Participants can switch between adjoining rooms on their own accord
  • It is possible to define a slide show for display in adjoining rooms, e.g., to deposit exercises

Video Player

  • Synchronous playing of videos via integrated video player, thus parallel commenting possible
  • Personalized or anonymous card query (pinboard technique) possible

Co-Moderator's Seat

  • In addition to moderator's or host's seat
  • Co-moderator's seat is perfect when supporting the moderator/host, for technical handling, retrieving participants' feedback, double moderation and much more
  • Co-moderator's seat can be faded out/in - if required
  • Flexible change between the roles moderator / host, co-moderator and participant possible
  • Role-based text chat, so, for instance, chatting between moderators is allowed while between participants it is not

vitero essentials+ can be combined with the expansion modules vitero audience, vitero session recorder, vitero examination, vitero custom design, vitero webcam recorder, vitero monitoring

¹In adjoining rooms the access for mobile devicesis not yet available.

Mic Object

Assignment of speaking rights by passing on the microphone object.

Token-based Moderation

Every participant may pass the microphone to other participants.

Multi Audio Channels

No limitation of voice channels. All participants have their own voice channel to assure that – if required – all participants can speak at the same time.

Text Bubble

Open text chat contributions appear in a bubble directly next to the participants’ photo. In such a way they cannot be overlooked.

Remote Audio Control

Microphone and audio settings can be modified not only by participants, but by the moderator, too; thus relieving stress from the participants.

Role-based Privat Chat

Private text chat can be (de-) activated based on a person’s role. Participants, for instance, may not be allowed to chat while the moderators may do so.

Table Metaphor

The setting comprises of a virtual room with table, chairs and a presentation board at the table’s centre. It allows immediate orientation.


Photo or webcam images with name tag and helpful status information guarantee high transparency, e.g., when focussing on external applications.

Anywhere Referencing

Referencing not only on the presentation board, but also to functions and participants possible, e.g., in order to support participants facing handling problems.


‘What You See Is What I See’-principle. All the persons present can see the same and can keep track of the same changes. This ensures clarity of interaction.

Flexible Role Change

Flexible role change possible at any time during a session, no matter if you are a participant, moderator or host.

Keyboard Quick Mute

The ‘cough button’ on your keyboard mutes your microphone temporarily – an indispensable function for presenting persons not only during the cold season.

Be Right Back

‘Be right back’ status – to avoid misunderstandings when temporarily absent and to prevent unintentional overhearing of private conversations.

Test Room

Testing room accessible for any (!) participant at any time. Useful, for instance, for technical checks and to make yourself familiar with the room.


Manifold gestures for all participants available, e.g. for feedback, polls, and status signals. Indispensable for structured, moderated sessions.


The presentation area can be ‘photographed’, for instance to capture intermediate-, polling- and work results.

Role-based Overlay Board

The overlay board can be placed over any application so you can use the text editor you are familiar with and the moderation tools at any time.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards for participants and moderators. Can be used for brainstorming and decision making as well as for fast collection, arrangement and prioritization of participants’ input.

Easy Start

No admin rights (except vitero session recorder), no plug-ins, add-ins, flash players, etc. necessary. Works with any browser and browser version.

Outlook Add-In

Invite participants directly via Outlook. The participants receive an e-mail or outlook entry, respectively, which contains a link to join the session.

High Config

High customizability concerning functionality and security means seamless adaptation to your company’s requirements.

Software Development

Flexible software adaptation and development within short periods of time, be it small changes or programming entire software modules.

SaaS TÜV Certified

TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) certification according to ISO 27001 guarantees excellent server availability, ideal data protection and data security.

Auto Reconnect

In case of low or unsteady bandwidth, or if you are disconnected temporarily, you will be automatically reconnected to your session.

Servers only in Germany

All servers are located in Germany without foreign branches, thus establishing the jurisdiction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in conjunction with the strict German Federal Data Protection Law (new).

Data Protection

High access and data protection, e.g., the content of your session is handled confidentially and participants control how their personal data are handled at all times.

At extra charge and depending on the license model.

LDAP Interface

Easy and quick transfer of user data from existing LDAP data bases via interface.

Web Service Interface

Web service interface to connect third party software, such as learning management systems or portals.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kias:

"Unlike other virtual classroom solutions, vitero excels with excellent features and a great design to allow for effective communication and interaction."

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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Model project “Learning German in the virtual classroom“ has started

The aim is to offer live online German classes to refugees in Baden-Wuerttemberg quickly and unbureaucratically, so that the integration in the job market is accelerated.

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