One room, endless possibilities:vitero inspire 3.0

With the major 3.0 release, vitero inspire now offers you more freedom and possibilities than ever before. The new window concept, the expansion modules vitero custom design & vitero audience+ and up to 12 webcams simultanously are just a few of the numerous innovations.

The release will be rolled out to 03 May 2021. You can design your table content, your virtual room and your event – whether trainings, video conferenes or highly collaborative web meetings – just as you need it.

Our highlights in release 3.0

Flexible window concept on the table

Split multiple windows on the table at the same time. You can “stack” or arrange them next to each other. Additionally, a preview in the function menu helps you to maintain an even better overview.

Particularly practical for many windows: Maximise a single window at any time and then return to the overview.
The window concept offers you numerous options for presenting your content. 1

Up to 12 webcams simultanously

Activate 12 live images in parallel. Particularly practical: arrange the webcam images flexibly – on, next to, above the presentation or without a presentation. Even if a presentation is open, all activated live images are always displayed in parallel for everyone present. The size of the live images can be changed as desired. According to the ergonomically based "What You See Is What I See" concept, all participants see the same. This prevents misunderstandings and unintentional disclosure of privacy.

Display multiple webcam images on the table.
Webcam images in zoom view. 1
Arrange the webcams flexibly. For example, display the webcams above a presentation.
Webcam row above a slide. 1
You can also view the webcams next to a presentation.
Webcam row on the side. 1
Overlap your live image with a full screen window. If you only want to show one webcam image, this view is suitable.
Overlapping webcam image. 1

Further new features of vitero inspire

Redesign of the table bar

The vitero table bar has been revised and now offers additional functions for direct access in three areas: Control a single window on the left, control the arrangement of all windows on the right and find the tokens and more in the middle area.

New additional webcam token: live image without audio

Microphone, webcam and combination tokens: The three tokens insted of the previous two offer even more flexible moderation options. Actively distribute speaking rights in order to structure discussions. Depending on the token, the participant is displayed with a live image.

16 languages available

Now select your language directly in the virtual team room. vitero is available in the following languages: English, German, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish.

Save the text chat

For valuable information in the text chat: As a trainer (vitero role: group leader), save the entire text chat as a file or copy individual contributions via the right mouse button to the clipboard. (If restrictions or extensions of these rights have been made to an existing client for the previous generation essentials, these will be automatically adopted for the generation inspire. Changes are possible at any time. Please contact your vitero customer advisor).

  • Avatar photo: Upload a photo for your avatar directly in the room.
  • 12 microphone tokens: The number of microphone tokens is increased to 12. This means that up to 14 people, including the co-moderator and moderator, can communicate in the so-called free hand mode. Of course, the push-to-talk option is still available for all participants.
  • Automatic allocation of microphone, webcam and combination tokens: The virtual team room can now be configured so that the speaking right, the webcam image or both are assigned to the participants directly when they enter the room.
  • Preparation in the room: As a group leader, enter a room, even if it is still locked. Thus, you enter the room before anyone else and can prepare.
  • Delete cards with just one click: Delete all cards at once.
  • Direct change of place: As a trainer (vitero role: group leader) you can swap places with a participant by clicking on them.
  • Support for colour impaired vision: When activated, the colours are automatically adjusted to increase the contrast.
  • Group leader rights for participants: Also automatically grant group leader rights to participants on the moderation chair. If interested, please contact your customer advisor.
  • Screen sharing and webcam broadcasting now also for iPhones
  • Extension of tool tips
  • And much more.

Additionally in vitero inspire+

Five designs for every room

Change the room with one click? In addition to the blue standard design, four other options are available for a spontaneous redesign of the room: silver, dark, meadow and wood parquet.

File exchange in the room

Exchange files directly in the room. Provide your participants with materials or allow the exchange of documents in the group. Highly practical for exams: Participants can also send their results “hidden” only to the moderators or trainers. The file exchange function can be activated by the client administrator.

Expansion modules

vitero custom design

Your room in your design: With this expansion module, numerous customer-specific adaptations are possible. Adjust the background image, gradient, light effect, font colour and your own logo as a watermark on the table using the custom design editor in the room.

vitero monitoring+ now with interaction tracking

Also include the degree of interaction when awarding "credit points". Card, points and multiple-choice questions are taken into account. Define the level of interaction from which the participants will receive further training points.

vitero audience+ 100/200

You can now also use screen sharing and webcams at large events when spectators are present. In addition, the limit of 10 avatar participants when using vitero audience and vitero audience+ is lifted. Depending on the license, up to 80 participants can be represented as avatars.

1 The graphic is an illustration that does not represent an assurance of properties.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Sigrid Baumann-Tornow:

‘With vitero we use a great virtual classroom that allows for methodically and didactically high-quality live trainings via the Internet.’

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Awarded for "Distance and Remote Learning"

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