E-Mediation / Online Konfliktmoderation


Using vitero is easy to accomplish for every user. Within a few minutes, first-time participants are ready to use vitero: due to the ergonomic, simply structured user interface it is sufficient to show the feedback possibilities to the participants - and the session can start already. vitero is designed in a way that participants do not need special computer knowledge. If required, the trainer or morderator can help, for instance, by remote controlling the audio and microphone settings or using the moderator's arrow to point to a button.

Professional Digital Moderation

It is important for chairpersons and trainers to know about the specialties that come along with digital moderation. Thus, attending a training that fits to one's own setting is recommended. Depending on the kind of setting (training or meeting), number of participants and depth of interaction, vitero GmbH offers a variety of trainings in order to be optimally prepared for holding online sessions.

Active Integration of Participants into the Online Training

It is agreed that interactively learned knowledge is memorised better and meetings, in which participants interact actively, are more valuable to the involved persons. Integrating the participants is especially important when it comes to virtual trainings: due to the missing physical presence of other persons, participants develop a tendency to act as passive observers. This is the reason why our trainings comprise (besides the technical details) advice on how to use tools available in vitero in order to avoid mental 'wandering off' and how to involve participants successfully in your online training.

Effective Online Meetings

Moderation is an important factor for the success of (but not only) virtual meetings from a size of more than 3 persons. Dependening on the company culture, number of participants and goal of the meeting, vitero offers suitable moderation tools. Fitting moderation tools and adjustment possibilities are available for structured, moderated online meetings in larger groups as well as informal one-to-one meetings. In vitero trainings, chairs learn how these tools are used in an optimal way.

Well Trained for the First vitero Session

Learn the variations of using vitero by experienced experts and practice with others the tricks and gimmicks of moderation in vitero. The more you know about the characteristics, the more creative you can communicate in vitero. In our trainings, we the stress on interactive communication, resolve participant questions and especially arrange for an open and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, every course participant has his own personal virtual room where he can practise on his own or with a tandem partner.

Basic Training for Chairpersons

  • Learn how to moderate online meetings effectively in vitero
  • Ideal for project managers, team managers, heads of the department, external moderators, heads of the division, chairpersons of commitees
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Advanced Training for Chairpersons

  • Learn how to moderate complex work meetings in larger groups in vitero
  • Ideal for project managers, team managers, chairpersons
  • Service description

Moderation Training for Trainers

  • Learn how to structure didactically and moderate live online trainings for up to 20 persons
  • Ideal for online trainers / lecturers as well as persons interested in methods and didactics
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Basic Training for Mediators

  • Learn how to do online conflict resolution in vitero
  • Ideal for mediators who would like to provide conflict resolution services partly or completely online
  • Service description

Vitero Management System (VMS) Training

  • Learn how to the Vitero Management Systems (VMS) as administrator or team leader
  • Ideal for system or customer administrators, team leaders
  • Service description

First-Level-Support Training

  • Learn how to provide internal, professional vitero First-Level-Support for your participants
  • Ideal for IT-personnel, internal Hotline, system administrators
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For groups of four or more people we offer company-specific trainings. We gladly develop trainings designed to your needs like multiplier trainings or re-trainings from contestant tools to vitero. Feel free to contact us!

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Bernd Haag:

"With vitero, online tuition is close to classroom reality."

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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Lufthansa and vitero win eLearning Award

The Lufthansa Group won the eLearning Award in the category “Virtual Classroom” for using vitero in their worldwide employee training and the virtual general meetings.

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vitero cooperation with Blended Communication

The Dutch expert for collaboration and communication, Blended Communication, has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute vitero within Benelux countries.

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Model project “Learning German in the virtual classroom“ has started

The aim is to offer live online German classes to refugees in Baden-Wuerttemberg quickly and unbureaucratically, so that the integration in the job market is accelerated.

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