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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General information

I am interested in vitero. Whom should I contact?

If you are interested in vitero please contact us by email to beratung@vitero.de, by phone through the number +49 (0) 711 / 6868988-0 or via our contact form.

In which languages is vitero available?

The interface can be adjusted user-specifically in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • Turkish

Which room sizes are available in vitero?

vitero is available in the room sizes 6, 10, 16, 26, 46 or 80 participants (each including the moderator seats). Please note that we differentiate between participants, who actively contribute to the arrangement of the session via versatile functions and so-called audience, who in comparison have limited interaction possibilities. In addition to the 80 participants, it is also possible to connect up to 200 audience users to one room (extension module vitero audience required).

How are data protection and vitero connected?

The topic of data protection is very important to us. Initial information can be found here. If you have any questions and / or require further advice, please contact our data protection officer (datenschutz@vitero.de). Furthermore, we regularly offer webinars on data protection.


Which technical support is provided by vitero?

vitero offers support in German and English around the clock (24/7 support). We are happy to support you proactively with advance technology checks, initial support at the beginning of a meeting and technical advice.
In addition you can access our online help at any time.

Which hardware do I need?

How do I start vitero?

You can start vitero by clicking on a link in common current browsers (see also system requirements) or or alternatively use a Windows executable file. European cloud customers can access the virtual team room via the following link: www.vitero.de/inspire. If you have received an invitation e-mail with a link, please use it.

How can I participate in a session auditorily?

To participate in the audio of the session, you can choose between VoIP or telephone dial-in, if this has been booked for the session (requirement for telephone dial-in: module vitero inspire+).
When using VoIP, we recommend the use of a headset, especially for participants with a high amount of speaking, in order to achieve optimal audio quality.
See also: https://www.vitero.de/doc/help/vitero-inspire_hardware-recommendations_en.pdf


Which administration levels are there in vitero?

In the Vitero Management System you can assign group-specific roles such as team leader, moderator, assistant, participant or audience (extension module vitero audience required).

Which types of reports are there in vitero?

Session data such as begin, end, name and number of participants, activated gestures, open text chat etc. can be saved as a text chat protocol after each session (on the moderator and participant’s computer as txt-file). In addition, voting results of multiple-choice questions are automatically saved as jpg on the computer of the person who started it.
If session information is to be collected, this is possible with the extension module vitero monitoring / vitero monitoring+.

Can vitero be integrated in other learning management systems (LMS)?

vitero can be integrated in your consisting LMS. The LMS acts as a basis. Further information can be found here: https://www.vitero.de/doc/info/vitero_info_lms-connectors_en.pdf.
Even if your LMS is not listed, an integration is possible using our web service interface. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I manage my username and password?

You can change your profile, incl. username and password and reset your password under https://vms.vitero.de/vitero/user/myprofile.htm.
If vitero is used via an LMS connector, please use the access data for the LMS (e.g. ILIAS or Moodle). You may also receive an email with a session code or direct link. In these cases you can also use vitero without access data.

What if my user account has been locked?

Your account is locked after the third incorrect entry of the username or password. This serves as protection for your data. If your account has been locked, you can request an e-mail for resetting your password at vms.vitero.de or in the log-in mask. Alternatively, you can turn to your vitero administrator.

How do I delete my user account?

You can delete or change your data under vms.vitero.de (in the section „My Profile“).

How do I upload a photo of myself?

You can take a picture with your webcam during the session or upload up to two photos under vms.vitero.de in the section “My Profile” and save it in the VMS. If you use vitero via an LMS, your profile picture may be automatically adopted.

How do I change my e-mail address?

You can change your e-mail address under vms.vitero.de in the section “My Profile”.

Which privacy settings are possible?

Under vms.vitero.de in the section „My Profile“, you can decide which data you would like to publish for your vitero account. As a German company with exclusively German server locations, vitero GmbH is obliged to keep to the terms of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). In addition, your administrator can make further settings to protect your privacy, e.g. to comply with corporate data protection requirements. This way it is possible to force a password change or to participate in a vitero session anonymously.

How do I invite participants?

Depending on your purchased license and the use of an LMS connector, you can invite participants via an Outlook AddIn, an automatically generated e-mail of the Vitero Management System or the vitero event manager (automated invitation via a form), the vitero support or a self-written e-mail.
We are happy to advise you on the kind of invitation that is appropriate for your purposes.


Is there a trial version to test vitero?

If you would like to test vitero before deciding for licensing, you have the following options:

  • Company-specific test session, if several people from your company are interested in viteroplease contact us
  • Test setting over several days (after participation in a test session) – please contact us.
  • Pilot project for intense testing with professional support by vitero (we would be pleased to prepare a customised offer for you).

Which license models are available?

An overview can be found here. For a detailed description, please see our Product Data Sheet.
Our consultants will gladly advise you which model is suited best for you.

Why are the prices missing on the vitero website?

We run a variety of license models and function modules. Depending on the rooms and / or modules you receive quantity discounts. Not all modules can be combined with one another. Thus, we are happy to advise you in advance in order to determine the best combination for you. You will receive an individual price information after a short consultation. Please contact us!

How can I change my license model or add modules?

Please contact our consultants. They are happy to advise you individually and inform you about the possibilities.

How does the set-up (SaaS / rental model) take place?

Please contact the vitero consultants to find out about your requirements and needs. We will advise you on the most suitable options for you. You will receive an offer for your order. As soon as we have received your order and all relevant information, we will activate your account as soon as possible or at your desired date. Afterwards, you will receive the access data, which we will send to the desired e-mail addresses (administrator access). From this point on, you can work with vitero.

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Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Wilhelm Stock:

"Thanks to its enormous fields of application, the software's economic viability became easily apparent and was even proven during the pilot Project."

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"Leading in the crisis and afterwards" – AUDI AG and vitero GmbH were awarded for this project in the category "Synchronous Learning".

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Awarded for "Distance and Remote Learning"

vitero has been recently honoured as one of the leading providers in Europe by the US magazine Education Technology Insights.

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Whether in a circle of chairs or during a walk in the woods – in the future, the virtual environments in vitero inspire will encourage creativity and innovative capabilities of users.

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