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Wilhelm Stock

Head of Technical Training, RWE

vitero was able to convince in all committees involved in the approval of software. Thanks to its enormous fields of application, the software's economic viability became easily apparent and was even proven during the pilot project. The outstanding ergonomics and the intuitively designed user interface delighted even initial sceptics. Concerning data protection it was important that vitero was able to fulfil our company's IT security standard easily.

Stefan Schnitzler

Managing Associate, M.T.I. Europe Ltd.

vitero is a 'real' virtual support especially in international projects - you can't do without it in everyday project Management. This applies for internal project teams as well as customer teams. Real in terms of the look as well as the tools provided which are in no way inferior to tools available in 'real' Meetings.

Sigrid Baumann-Tornow

Chairwoman of the board of directors, IBB AG

‘With vitero we use a great virtual classroom that allows for methodically and didactically high-quality live trainings via the Internet.’

Sarah Gerz

RWE People Development

We use vitero successfully for a leadership development program in the context of our blended learning concept. The great possibilities to interact in vitero enable us to deepen learning content that has been worked on before and to exchange experiences with the participants. The various functionalities like card query or point allocation allow integrating every participant actively into the discussion. Role plays, which are common in face-to-face-trainings, can be realized with vitero's webcam function. With vitero, we can not only reduce expenses for travel and minimize absences, but also make our online meetings in the development program more effective.

Roland Bauer

Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Baden-Wuerttemberg

The way the virtual room is designed and the possibilities for giving feedback allow to create a personal atmosphere and a feeling of nearness among the persons participating in a vitero session. Communication over the Internet thereby becomes very natural. This is particularly beneficial for our project 'Education Server Baden-Wuerttemberg', since here usually persons are involved who need to be made familiar with such forms of communication before actually taking advantage of the learning and education programme. The personal atmosphere of vitero sessions very much helps reduce reluctance and scepticism of users, while at the same time their motivation and determination is increased.

Rainer Horn

Head of Sales Training, Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG

I am a fan of virtual meetings because they save me from travels, the annoying quest for a parking space, and, of course, travel expenses. When I use the appropriate technique my online meetings are as if they were held in real life.
In the sales department we use the collaborative software vitero. With this solution we are ready to start quickly and I can welcome the participants in the virtual meeting room. There, they are represented by a photo as avatar. They can raise their hand when they want to say something and jot down their ideas on cards during brainstorming. We can view and edit documents, and everybody can also take down notes on the side.
I find these virtual meeting more convenient that telephone conferences. If a person acts in an undisciplined manner during the latter there is a chaotic medley of voices. How should I know as a participant, who wants to say something at the moment? In vitero the communication is clearly more transparent and consequently a lot more efficient. On top of that, vitero is able to successfully reproduce the real-life meeting- or training situation in the virtual reality. In my opinion it is the only software capable of replacing real-life training with virtual Training. Thus, we do not only save time, but also a lot of money - around half a million € every year.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kias

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

Unlike other virtual classroom solutions, vitero excels with excellent features and a great design to allow for effective communication and interaction.
We have recently started using vitero in the bachelor program of our faculty of landscape architecture to assist and support students who are on an internship currently. With vitero we are now able to offer job accompanying classes for students distributed all over Germany and abroad.
Apart from that we have been using vitero for collaborative purposes in our partnership program with other universities in Europe, for example for doing virtual lectures.
And we are using the tool to hold meetings of the Board of Coordination and Examination of our international masters program in landscape architecture, which we are offering in collaboration with the universities of Rapperswil and Nuertingen. By holding a good number of meetings in vitero, we have been able to save a considerable amount of both time and traveling expenses.

Oriana D'Aleo

Consultant for e-learning, SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG

The trainers' opinions were an important factor for us, we integrated them into the decision making process and experienced and tested different tools together. The possibilities to interact in vitero have been rated positively - we like integrating the participants with the point query. Another criterion was the user interface with the personalized avatars which contributed to a nice, personal atmosphere in the virtual Meeting.

Matthias Korth

Teacher and e-Learning Commissioner, Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)

Thanks to the easy handling of vitero and its numerous interactive learning possibilities the participants' motivation has increased. The exchange of experiences among voluntary aides from all over Germany and the option to participate within familiar surroundings are another success factor. In short, e-learning with vitero and ILIAS improves the training at THW.

Marcel Saft

Technical Editor, www.klar-informiert.de

If a face-to-face training can't be realised due to economic or geographic reasons, I consider vitero a worthy alternative. The elaborate user interface and the technical possibilities make a decision in favor of the software easy. The personal assistance by vitero GmbH, Germany as server location and the transparent and simple licence model are further advantages. I'm looking forward to using vitero again in future projects.

Hans-Georg Hommel

Senior Project Manager and Knowledge Manager, EMAG Group

With project meetings, virtual conferences and international management meetings we have already covered quite a lot of settings but we are permanently seeking to expand the application spectrum. That is the great thing about vitero - all we need is a single tool for any situation. I personally use vitero to meet and exchange ideas with my international knowledge management colleagues. It is all the same with us. We do not have all day and would like to network as effectively as possible.

Ellen Fetzer

LE:NOTRE, European Thematic Network in Landscape Architecture

We are using vitero for our web based seminars comprising working groups from all over Europe. Besides providing excellent synchronous communication, vitero is capable of giving an extremely authentic representation of each participant, which is very important for achieving student centered learning and taking advantage of methods supposed to activate learning. Also, participants can take the role of a moderator or presenter during the sessions, what makes learning increasingly effective.
And finally, vitero is great for creating sub-groups during sessions, what gives us great freedom for structuring our seminars appropriately.

Dr. Peter Tandler

Managing director, teambits GmbH

I do not know any other web conferencing tool that is as suitable for intensive exchange as vitero - especially for team members which have been complete strangers before. There one can see that many details reflect long lasting research by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft!

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai

Co-Director Program Advisory Board, SeLC ‘Swiss eLearning Conference,' www.selc.ch / Head eLearning Services, UBS AG

For the SeLC 2012 on the topic of ‘Mobile Learning‘ we were able to sign vitero as a sponsoring partner who were a decisive factor in the success of the virtual conference part. All presentations were streamed online from our conference hotel in Zurich for a period of two days. The virtual participants could attend the conference almost as if it was ‘live.' They were able to contribute their questions and comments via text chat which was displayed at the conference hotel so the presenters and the present audience could refer to it. vitero has contributed to expand the SeLC for a ‘virtual conference,' accessible for an online audience, too.

Dr. Christian Berrenberg

Managing Director Nordische Sprach-Akademie Köln

We use vitero for online language training. It's great that we can observe our students' mimics, gestures and pronunciation via webcam. Basic concepts can be taught with the slide projector and application sharing. In this way, the entire spectrum of language training can be virtualised and thus offered location-independently with vitero.

Bernd Haag

Health Education Centre Basel-Stadt

Our lecturers love the graphic user interface and the various didactic possibilities. With vitero, online tuition is close to classroom reality. The students like to finish speaking, that no one interrupts and of course, that they do not have to come to the education centre for, e.g., project meetings or consultations. We use vitero in combination with OpenOLAT. In this open source LMS, an own course module for the easy inclusion of vitero and administration of participants is available.

Live E-Communication with vitero:

  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Moderation possible
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Very flexible and adaptable
  • Tab-proof due to servers in Germany

Wilhelm Stock:

"Thanks to its enormous fields of application, the software's economic viability became easily apparent and was even proven during the pilot Project."

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Awarded for “Distance and Remote Learning”

vitero has been recently honoured as one of the leading providers in Europe by the US magazine Education Technology Insights.

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Patented in the USA: Inspiring virtual environments

Whether in a circle of chairs or during a walk in the woods – in the future, the virtual environments in vitero inspire will encourage creativity and innovative capabilities of users.

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Awarded with the eLearning Award 2020

The jury of the eLearning Journal has decided. The eLearning Award 2020 in the category of web seminars goes to the fischer group and vitero GmbH.

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Winner of the eLearning AWARD 2018 "Virtual Classroom"

Along with the project partner BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, vitero was awarded the eLearning AWARD 2018 in the category "virtual classroom". Learn more in the project report.

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